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Holiday Let Cleaning

Sunset Cleaning provides Holiday Let Cleaning in Brighton and Hove. We know that one of the most important factors for guests in Holiday Lets is cleanness. If you have a holiday property that you rent out or a letting agency with different holiday properties, our reliable cleaners will leave your accommodation cleaned to hotel standard for your guests. All our holiday let cleaners are professionally trained with years of experience in renowned Brighton hotels.

Our Holiday Let service includes:

• Extensive domestic cleaning to hotel standard in the property
• Emptying bins
• Laundry service
• Changing bed linen
• Reporting problems/damage

If you have guests on a two week booking, we would strip and remake beds and provide fresh towels mid way through their occupancy. Although this is not a cleaning visit, we can provide regular cleaning for guests that require this service during their stay.

If your property has been empty for 7 days or more and guests are coming in, then we can carry out a check & refresh service. This would encompass a visual check of all light bulbs and appliances, carrying out pre guest checks for such things as heating and hot water, dusting to remove any light films of dust and anything else that has been specified.

Please note:
If the cleaner had to spend extra time cleaning because your guests left your place in a particularly bad state, then additional cost will be incurred.

Extra work:
Oven cleaning & insides of windows are classed as extra work & are recommended each month on top of a normal changeover clean during the peak season.

Once a year we would normally carry out a spring clean, just before the new letting season. The spring clean is carried out to our detailed specification.

Call us today for specific needs and a quotation.

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