End of Tenancy

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

The end of tenancy cleaning is our favorite type of cleaning. We always handle these kind of jobs like challenges. Because of this the reaction of our clients is always:

“It’s better than we moved in!” Our goal is to hear this after every cleaning. When an End of Tenancy clean’ springs to mind, it normally means moving home, with all the stress and upheaval that can bring, having the reassurance of knowing your going to get your deposit back from your previous home, is one less hassle to worry about. We have years of experience, so we are aware of all the specific requirements of the landlords, the estate agents and the inspecting agents. Our gifted end of tenancy cleaning team will leave every square inch of your property cleaned and polished, sanitized and germ free.

We can provide a comprehensive End of Tenancy cleaning service to properties throughout Brighton and beyond to ensure that when you do move out your are leaving the property in as good a condition as when you moved in.

As well as providing a thorough End of Tenancy clean we can compliment it with upholstery and carpet cleaning services. These aspects of domestic cleaning can be some of the trickiest to perform but we have decade’s worth of experience on which to draw.

So if you live in Brighton or the surrounding area and you’re preparing to move home and would like to leave safe in the knowledge that your deposit isn’t going to be reduced by cleaning costs look no further than Sunset Cleaning for a professional end of tenancy cleaning service.

*** If you book an End of Tenancy Cleaning we can provide a discounted Carpet Cleaning price for you. ***


Our End of Tenancy programme includes:

• clean inside/outside all kitchen cupboards

• clean inside/outside fridge, washing machine and dishwasher

• damp wipe all kitchen countertops

• sweep and wash hard surface floors

• remove lime scale and clean sink

• wipe window sills, skirting boards, door frame and radiators

• clean windows


• scrub and disinfect bathroom floors

• scrub and disinfect toilet

• clean and remove lime scale from bath & showers, shower doors and tiles

• scrub and removing lime scale from bathroom sinks

• wipe all counters

• clean mirrors and windows

• wipe window sills, skirting boards and door frame

• remove cobwebs


• vacuum and mop (if necessary)

• clean mirrors and windows

• remove litter and cobwebs

• wipe windowsills

• vacuum carpet edges

• clean inside cupboards and wardrobes

Living Room:

• vacuum and mop (if necessary)

• vacuum carpet edges

• clean mirrors and windows

• clean and polish table and all surfaces

• clean pictures

• wipe skirting boards and door frame

• remove litter and cobwebs

• wipe window sills


• vacuum and mop (if necessary)

• vacuum carpet edges

• clean mirrors and windows

• wipe skirting boards and doorframe, remove cobwebs

End of Tenancy Cleaning prices vary depending on the job. The price is worked out from the size of the property, specific areas to be cleaned and the condition that they are in.